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I photograph people and I love what I do!
I try to transform moments into eternal stories through my eyes.

The most important to me is to make a difference in people's lives through my work.

Photography is not just my profession but what makes my eyes shine.
I always try to catch natural and true moments with a smile on my face.
I like people and when I photograph I try to get the essence of them. I think that's why I love portraits: family, social photography, corporate and other portraits.

I’m graduated in Advertising and Marketing in Brazil. I’ve studied Professional Photography in Lisbon, Portugal, and in Stockholm, Sweden.
I've been living in Stockholm since 2016. I frequently travel to Portugal and Brazil is my home country.

I started photographing friends and places as a hobby in Brazil in 2011 and in few years I became a professional. I’ve been photographing weddings in Europe since 2015. Even though my main work is portrait photography, I also love to photograph places and landscapes.

Most of my clients are based in Sweden and Portugal and you can contact me in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Swedish.